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22nd September 2008

luai_lashire5:25pm: The history of the school+current events
Too lazy to write something new out all over again, so, cross-posted from Facebook's Alumni group:

Hello everyone,
I'm a junior at the Delta Program this year (I came in 7th grade, so this will be my 5th year here!) and I'm doing a project documenting Delta's history.
I was really struck by how little current students and even teachers know about the school itself, and resolved to track down as much information as I could and make a documentary. Well, it's a massive project, so it won't be done for a while, but I was wondering if any alumni out there would be interested in helping out. I'm interviewing as many people as possible, to get as clear a picture as I can of how the school has changed over time. I'm also planning to invite a group of alumi to tour the school this year and talk to new students about how things have changed.
Please message me if you're at all interested- either in participating or just finding out more. Hopefully when it's done there will be a screening at the school, and I hope everyone will come and see it!


In addition to that, I'd like to pose some questions:

If there were one person you really wanted to see interviewed in this documentary, who would it be?
What was your favorite thing about the school?
What anecdote was your favorite Delta-related incident? What incident do you remember that you think best encapsulates the "Delta spirit" (e.g, the school's attitude and approach to school)?

And after that, I feel compelled to mention some bad stuff that's been happening at the school. Well, stuff I think is bad anyway.
As of this year, Alumni may not visit the school without "sponsorship" from a teacher, which has to be given a day in advance at least. I understand the reasoning behind this (safety) but think it's 1) pointless and 2) discourages alumni from visiting, which is really sad.
Also, a rule was recently rushed through ASM (in a way that I felt subverted the process, taking power away from the student body, skewing the vote, and disallowing further discussion) forbidding anyone from "hanging out" (not well defined) in the kitchen during lunch and allowing no more than four people to hang out in the kitchen at any other time. This was done to reduce the noise level in the office area, which I agree is an important issue, but no other possible solutions were discussed and, as I said before, the rule was not passed in a fair manner. This really makes me angry, especially since it was done as part of the new students' introduction to what an ASM is. Now as a consequence, I feel (and have observational evidence baking me up) that the new students have an impression that the teachers have more power in the system and that students must obey. I remember the alcove protest when it was closed a few years ago. It may have been kind of stupid, but it was a great example of the students reclaiming some of the power they used to have at the school. I don't think we could get that to happen anymore. And that's really sad.

..... On a brighter note, after covering seven murals, Advisory Council voted not to cover any more, basically ever again, unless major concerns were raised about a specific mural. So the censorship is over at least for now.
Some of you may know that the school was given $10,000 to make a "Green Space" outside the building. Last year the swingsets were removed, a patio was put in, and some planting was done. This year there will be more planting, and Gary says we may be able to turn the roof into a real, functioning Green Roof. There is talk of replacing the windows with stained glass, growing vines up the building's walls, growing flowers over a latice-work awning, and putting an arch over the path. Unfortunately, food plants were ruled out due to "health concerns", so we will not be harvesting food, but it'll still be pretty.
The space is at least partly intended as a good alumni hang-out, so if any of youse guys have suggestions about it, I an relay them to the committee.

And thus ends the mega-Delta-update! Sorry it's so long. And since this community appears to have no tags, I'm making up my own.
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28th March 2008

red_chimes2:37pm: Hello my Deltoid friends
Yo this is Val Freeman, I went to Delta from 2002-2005.  Ever since I left, I've missed it.  I miss everyone there, even people who annoyed me because at least I knew who they were.  I knew their names and their friends and maybe their parents or what clubs they were in and had heard them read out loud in class.  Being a part of a community like Delta was priceless. 

I always wanted to go to Delta, I knew I would love every minute of school if I could just go to Delta, that wonderful place.  But by the time I got there, I got this strange feeling that Delta's "prime" had already happened.  Retreats were only remembered by few, the older students told stories of craziness that I could barely imagine.  There was lots of fun to be had, but there was still this feeling of this:
Delta&apos;s Progression from the standpoint of Val
I feel like the Delta I loved is disappearing, heck maybe it's already gone?  You know I still wouldn't have rather gone anywhere else.

ps. Yes I made this graph myself and I wish I still had a Delta yearbook page because it would totally go on it!  I need a life page!

21st December 2006

radar12078:08pm: A school band?
Is there already a garage type of band at Delta, cause my band will most certainly break up by the end of summer because we're going to different High Schools. So I was wondering if there is a possibility of forming at band at Delta. I already have song lyrics (with already formed beat and tempo and such) and I'm in the process of learning guitar. So yeah, looking for a emo-alternative rock sort of sound. More on the angsty side. Anyone with me or people I should be looking for?

13th December 2006

luai_lashire9:06pm: Murals being covered over
I wondered if any of you alums had heard about this.

Murals depicting or aluding to drugs, sex, or violence, are going to be covered over, by decision of Advisory Council.

This includes the Clockwork Orange mural, the rabbit with the bloody knife in its mouth, the mech stepping on the bunny, the "Adam to Atom" mural, and the guy with the scythe.

Others that were considered but eventually okayed were the Jethro Tull faery (outside the alcove), for having a sword; the "Nirvana: the cult" mural, for alleged satanic symbols (which no one could find); "Hot Pattotie", for its "scandalous rendevous with a baboon in a diner" line, which is appearantly considered "mentioning bestiality"; and the superheroes outside the English offices, because superheroes are violent and Wolverine has knives on his hands.

The reason for all this is, appearantly, that potential Delta parents are frightened off by the offensive images. Not to mention schoolboard members and supervisors.

What do you think about this?
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5th September 2006

radar12079:33am: So what's up?
Anyone on here, also how is school? If it has even started for you guys yet. Hmmmm....
Current Mood: School, need I say more?

26th July 2006

radar12078:01pm: First post of 2006!
Coming from a hopefully future student of Delta. I just wanted to get aquainted,(That's not spelled right, I know Athene), with some people.
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2nd November 2005

spacklegeek10:17pm: DELTA TEE- AND SWEATSHIRT SALE!!
As a fundraiser for an experiential trip to England, Delta kids are having a tee shirt and hoodie sale. They come in all different colors, and they are really cool. And relatively cheap, too. You should buy one!!!!

I mean, really. The State High kids have had their hoodies and tees for ages. Isn't it about time Deltoids had their own?


17th October 2005

j00licious9:11am: *squeals and jumps up and down*
Hello, hello! I attended Delta from 1995-2000 and my time there was some of the best of my life. My brother Christian (tall guy with the blonde 'fro) is a student there now, too.

Me? I'm a not-quite-starving writer in disguise as a college student and receptionist. I live in down town Bellefonte with my large furry husband, 2 cats and rat. And books. Lots of those. --You'll have to excuse me, I just rolled out of bed.

Julia Heinemann, class of 2000.

...PS-- somebody hug Gary for me!
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7th October 2005

thx4theether6:44pm: delta pictures
I didn't mean for them to be that huge. forgive me?

your lazy co-mod,

5th October 2005

dinoterror9:05pm: I am Kathryn Johnston.

I started at Delta in 2000 and dropped it all in 2003.
Little do you know, you can get a high school diploma printed while you wait in that odd little room by the vending machines. Probably the best thing that ever happened there.

I moved out to Portland, to go to the other PSU, and am completely floored that I so adamantly rejected Penn State for being too large, yet somehow found myself at Oregon's largest university.

I kind of miss Delta.
And I totally just signed up for this community for voyeuristic oppurtunities (because, of course, all my friends I've lost touch with are just scrambling to join the livejournal geek community).
spacklegeek10:30pm: yo!
Following Anna's lead...

I am Carrie Peters. I was at Delta from fall 01 to spring this past. I'm now about a mile up the hill, majoring in Medieval Studies and English. When I grow up I want to be a famous author just like Neil Gaiman, but I'd settle for being a tenured professor at an overseas university.
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annlynn9:19pm: I have reading that I should be doing instead of this I know it.
It occured to me that I never actually introduced myself. Anna Hade, class of 2003. Delta 1998-2003. I'm going to college in the great flat state of Indiana studying Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies. And that's me a nutshell.

I made an inroductions tag.
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audity5:43pm: I swear, I seem to be the oldest Delta alum on LJ. Terrifying. Please, someone provide evidence to the contrary.

Adam Ragusea, class of 2000

4th October 2005

thx4theether10:35pm: hey-
I know I promised pictures, but I don't have webspace just yet. I expect to get my psu space tommorrow-ish.
I took a bunch of pictures, and they are forthcoming, just didn't want to annoy anyone. :)

2nd October 2005

annlynn12:11am: I have been wanting to start a com like this for a long time, but have been to lazy to, so I am glad that someone did. Can we get intros for those of alumni who are just confused as to who everyone is? Awesom!
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20th September 2005

spacklegeek9:37pm: DELTA ROCKS!

I win.
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