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Murals being covered over

I wondered if any of you alums had heard about this.

Murals depicting or aluding to drugs, sex, or violence, are going to be covered over, by decision of Advisory Council.

This includes the Clockwork Orange mural, the rabbit with the bloody knife in its mouth, the mech stepping on the bunny, the "Adam to Atom" mural, and the guy with the scythe.

Others that were considered but eventually okayed were the Jethro Tull faery (outside the alcove), for having a sword; the "Nirvana: the cult" mural, for alleged satanic symbols (which no one could find); "Hot Pattotie", for its "scandalous rendevous with a baboon in a diner" line, which is appearantly considered "mentioning bestiality"; and the superheroes outside the English offices, because superheroes are violent and Wolverine has knives on his hands.

The reason for all this is, appearantly, that potential Delta parents are frightened off by the offensive images. Not to mention schoolboard members and supervisors.

What do you think about this?
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