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Hello my Deltoid friends

Yo this is Val Freeman, I went to Delta from 2002-2005.  Ever since I left, I've missed it.  I miss everyone there, even people who annoyed me because at least I knew who they were.  I knew their names and their friends and maybe their parents or what clubs they were in and had heard them read out loud in class.  Being a part of a community like Delta was priceless. 

I always wanted to go to Delta, I knew I would love every minute of school if I could just go to Delta, that wonderful place.  But by the time I got there, I got this strange feeling that Delta's "prime" had already happened.  Retreats were only remembered by few, the older students told stories of craziness that I could barely imagine.  There was lots of fun to be had, but there was still this feeling of this:
Delta's Progression from the standpoint of Val
I feel like the Delta I loved is disappearing, heck maybe it's already gone?  You know I still wouldn't have rather gone anywhere else.

ps. Yes I made this graph myself and I wish I still had a Delta yearbook page because it would totally go on it!  I need a life page!
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